Thursday, August 24, 2006


Write it down. Write it over and over again. Keep it somewhere that you read it over and over again. Make it more than just something you want to do, make it something you will do!

All of those lines or phrases have probably been written in one form or another a million times and can be found, printed multiple languages in every Self Help section of any Barnes & Noble. I don’t think that makes their message or the reason behind them lose importance. I am a big believer in “Thoughts Are Things,” and all that mumbo jumbo that you always seem to hear very successful people screaming from the back seats of their Rolls Royce Phantoms.

About 3 months ago I wrote my own little mantra and I just realized I haven’t read it often enough. Not at all! I sprung out of bed one night, grabbed a Bic pen and wrote, right on my white wall “Do Something Big Today.”

With the life changes that are coming up at a rocket’s pace, I need to keep reading that over and over and over again. After all, that’s the long term goal for everyone right. I mean, big doesn’t mean Celebrity Status or an Estate in East Hampton. “Big” could be the perfect house with the perfect family in the perfect little town in Middle America. “Big” should mean something different to everyone and probably does.

But the question is, “what do we do on a daily basis that helps us obtain what we really want? What do we do on a daily basis that helps us get us to where we want to be?”

Thanks for listening

Monday, August 21, 2006

It's the Little Things

It’s funny sometimes when you have an idea in your head about how your next hour, day, or even week will go. You’ve got some plans here and there, you’ve got some things you want to do and then some things you have to do…You know there will be few little surprises along the way – after all, that’s what keeps it interesting, that’s what makes it “life.”

Knowing that I’m about to throw all regularity and routine out the window in just a few weeks, I welcomed a couple of those little surprises with open arms this weekend. I’m still in the hunt to find a source of income once I’ve flown the cube so I’d be lying if I said that’s not a bit stressful. However, I’m usually equipped with my perma-optimisitc-glass-half-full mantra so that helps balance out the stressful obstacles soon to be in my way.

Those surprises though, damn they sure do help. They’re not huge boxes wrapped with a bow sitting on top, no they're much smaller. It’s funny because on the right day they can be so minute and yet make all the difference in the world. It seems as though it’s usually a familiar face or voice that makes these little surprises worthwhile. Whether it’s a phone call out of the blue or simply catching up over a long lunch, these usually small blips on the radar can make a world of a difference.

Thanks for listening

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Head Of The Class

I was recently pondering over my soon to be life changes when I came across a couple of questions I’m not sure if I can answer. Will I be joining a different class of the city now? And if so, is there interaction between the two classes? Am I leaving one side behind and welcoming the next with open arms?

Maybe I’m being a tad dramatic but I don’t think I am, really. New York City can be funny like that…Sure it’s the World’s Capital from Fashion to Finance and has the money to prove it, but there is certainly a very distinct class structure. It’s not solely based on last names like I’m sure it was 100 years ago when the Carnegies and Rockefellers were cruising down 5th Ave. And to tell you the truth, I don’t think it’s easy enough to say that it is based on money alone, but it sure is a factor.

Two months from now when I’m a starving artist (who doesn’t want to lose a few pounds) and waiting tables at some nice hot spot downtown, and sadly making probably more than I am now, will I be looked at differently when I explain what I do for living? Isn’t “what do you do for a living” always one of the first questions we ask the opposite sex in our first encounter as if to size them up instantaneously by their title as if we were back in the days of York. (The original one, not the New one)

After all, what’s the difference between a broker who works in real estate verses one who works in bonds, other than the obvious? They both have ‘professional’ jobs, they both probably do well financially , they both work ‘normal’ hours, right? That’s apples to apples!

But what if our brokers are dead even, neck (tie) and neck (tie), they both have ‘it.’ But then all of the sudden, one broker says he’s actually an actor or a writer, and he’s waiting tables right now while he’s chases his dream? Does the race become not so close? Does our AWOL broker fall drastically behind? What if our brave broker does just as well financially? Is there now a separation of participants, a serperation of classes?

I am extremely interested to see how situations like the one above play out in the future for yours truly. I know there will be more than a few opportunities to see exactly if this city of mine is as divided as I think she is…

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

"I'd Like To Thank The Academy..."

I know it’s really putting the cart before the horse, but I’m sure that when I make it or when I feel I’ve done something really grand, I know I will have a long list of people to thank and I’m eternally grateful for that! Since making my decision to jump into the “starving artist’s” world I have received some less than inspiring comments from some…however most have been anything but.

I have received so much positive support from so many people, friends, family, co-workers, co-workers I don’t even really like or know very well…

Granted, it’s not your every day water cooler talk “so Bob, how’s work going, same old, same old?” “

“No Susan, actually I’ve decided to quit my job and try to “make it!”

“What do you mean “make it”? Are you trying out for American Idol?”

The truth is I’m still finalizing my plan, still trying to find the best path to get me to where I want to go…I may have to just work backwards, decide on my location and figure out a way to get there sooner rather than later.

My life will certainly change after the end of this month, there’s not a person that can argue that…I will go from my 8-7 job, the one I’m not so fond of, to working nights. I will go from slacks and button-downs to, well, slacks and button-downs, I plan on working at a nice restaurant if possible.

Now, obviously that’s short term thinking. And if I know one thing it’s that thinking in the short term and not keeping your eye on the prize will result in a very short trip! Right now between scary moments of uncertainty, I get flashes of hope, excitement, and limitless possibilities. Next step…make those happen and make them happen as often as possible.

Thanks for listening

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Feels Good To Be Back

I’ve come to find out that writing is a lot like going to the gym. No one really likes to go to the gym, no one really likes lifting weights or running in place for an hour. It’s the feeling of accomplishment once the last rep of the last set is complete. Well, I think writing is the same.

Staring at a blank page can be a bit like looking at your “workout clothes,” all folded in a nice, neat pile. Do you really want to get them all wrinkly, all sweaty? They look so peaceful…

All I can think is, "do I really want to mess up that nice clean cut looking 8”x 11” piece of paper?" You’re damn right I do! I took some time from something that I should not have, something I missed and unfortunately something that gets harder to do, the longer you stay away from it.

I’ve had some pretty big changes over the last 30 days. (We’ll just call my time off, a mini-sabbatical) By far, the biggest, life changing, are-you-serious difference from now and just a few weeks ago is my professional future. After months and months of trying to find my “calling” or less dramatic, my happiness, I came to one conclusion.

I would have to, if I truly wanted to live with no regrets, make a huge decision. The weeks grew longer only because the days seemed to never end and I became someone that was not me. Leading up to the actual day when it all made sense, my mind would go back and forth at a record pace, trying to make sure I was going to make the right decision. Those were the hardest days, when hour by hour I was going in different directions.

I wish I could say there was a moment of clarity, a moment that only a Disney Movie or Made for TV Movie could capture when it all made sense…But there wasn’t. Now, don’t me wrong when it comes down to it, it was an easy decision. I have to do what’s going to make me happy, I have to take a chance, I have to see what I can do.

So I did. I’ve given my notice at my job, the same job I’ve seen success at over the past two years. I’ve given my notice to more than that though. I’ve given my notice to all security, stability, and routine.

Those might not be the sexiest words in the English language (actually they sound like words used in one of those commercials for a motorize scooter) but they sure are scary. But I once read something that said you should write down the top 5 things you’re afraid of and make it your To-Do List!

So, with of my fear of a ménage trios involving two Brazilian beauties and being extremely well off, I think I’ve got a nice well rounded To-Do List!

Thanks for listening