Wednesday, August 16, 2006

"I'd Like To Thank The Academy..."

I know it’s really putting the cart before the horse, but I’m sure that when I make it or when I feel I’ve done something really grand, I know I will have a long list of people to thank and I’m eternally grateful for that! Since making my decision to jump into the “starving artist’s” world I have received some less than inspiring comments from some…however most have been anything but.

I have received so much positive support from so many people, friends, family, co-workers, co-workers I don’t even really like or know very well…

Granted, it’s not your every day water cooler talk “so Bob, how’s work going, same old, same old?” “

“No Susan, actually I’ve decided to quit my job and try to “make it!”

“What do you mean “make it”? Are you trying out for American Idol?”

The truth is I’m still finalizing my plan, still trying to find the best path to get me to where I want to go…I may have to just work backwards, decide on my location and figure out a way to get there sooner rather than later.

My life will certainly change after the end of this month, there’s not a person that can argue that…I will go from my 8-7 job, the one I’m not so fond of, to working nights. I will go from slacks and button-downs to, well, slacks and button-downs, I plan on working at a nice restaurant if possible.

Now, obviously that’s short term thinking. And if I know one thing it’s that thinking in the short term and not keeping your eye on the prize will result in a very short trip! Right now between scary moments of uncertainty, I get flashes of hope, excitement, and limitless possibilities. Next step…make those happen and make them happen as often as possible.

Thanks for listening

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