Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Scene I, Act I

They say the first 30 days are the hardest. At least I think they do, whoever they may be…September 30th marked the first month of the rest of my life. I can’t believe it went by so fast but I am certainly going to use that speed as a judge of how fast I need to make things happen.

The freedom that came with the first week post-job followed by the panic of the second week has all balanced out at this point. I found a job waiting tables at a very nice restaurant in Union Square. The place is busy and should make for what is an ideal set up.

As it seems, 80% of the staff seem to be actors, writers, singers, dancers, and everything else in between. Apparently I’m not the only person in the city who decided waiting tables is a great gig to have while looking for your next gig.

The people are great and certainly full of personality. Everyone seems to be very supportive of each other, as it seems everyone is in the same battle just taking on a different enemy. I have already heard the words “auditions,” “castings,” and “rehearsal” spoken between servers, which make it all seem so real. I am here, I am in this world…

A month ago I was using terms like EOD (End of Day) and “Hard Stop” (The time a meeting MUST end). There were the slacks and buttons-downs I wore as a uniform every day that has now given way to my ninja (all black slacks and shirt) uniform. Changes are clear and are probably only going to continue to happen…

My goal for the first month was to find a job seeing as though this city seems to run quite efficiently on the American Dollar and I was running out of them quickly! Well, mission accomplished…Next on the agenda is find out just what it is that I want to do, want I want to be, and how I’m going to make that happen.

This month will be a big transition month. The transition from office days to dining room nights, from weekend warrior to weekend worker, and from climbing a ladder to paving a path…

Thanks for listening

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