Thursday, March 2, 2006

Plains, Trains, and Automobiles

After about 14 hours at the office yesterday and the chance of 2-5 inches of snow fall today, this entry will be short and sweet. I am heading to my sister city, Chicago later this evening. I always thought I would have ended up there after graduation but that’s obviously not the case. I do have a million cousins and friends from school that our occupying the Windy City, but New York just called my name.

I am flying in for a wedding of a cousin on my mother’s side. She is one of what seems like a million (Irish Catholic) cousins in the city. The weddings are straight out of the movies with everything that makes a great party and a wedding.

Later this afternoon it will be a bus to LaGuardia, a plane to O’Hara, and then finally a train to Chicago. I can only hope I run into Steve Martin and the late John Candy. I’m not sure if I will be able to write while I’m there, but I will be sure to try.

Thanks for listening


  1. Have a good trip! Hopefully you'll be able to fly out!

  2. May you (a) depart on time, (b) either land an empty seat or a hot dame as a neighbor, (c) receive not one but two bags of peanuts from the stewardess, (d) not get slammed in the elbow by the beverage cart and (e)easily find your bags (sans damage) at baggage claim. Have a fun and safe trip!

  3. Not exactly sure why... but I read your entire blog. It's interesting. Thanks for sharing and letting us peek in on your life.

  4. Safe trip JSG. HOpe it's a good one! I've never been to Chicago...

  5. uh're bumming me out...what's the matter...don't they have the internet in Chicago?

  6. This is a really good blog--I relate to a lot of it.

    Hope Chicago was good!!