Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Instant Analyzation

“Hey a couple of friends of mine are going to go watch the Yanks / Sox’s game tomorrow night, why don’t you meet up?” Now that has a nice ring to it but an even better ring when it comes out a lovely lady’s mouth and it’s directed towards yours truly.

This femme fan is the same lovely lady from last week’s MTV party so this invite was surely welcomed. We spoke a bit after last week’s bash but were unable to meet up as the week seemed to fly by with a full calendar. We swapped a couple of text messages over the weekend and yesterday I received the invite for tomorrow night’s game via instant message.

Don’t get me wrong, I love technology, I love gadgets, and I own a phone that does everything short of launching NASA shuttles, but is all of this technology really necessary in the dating world? As if trying to play the role of interpreter for spoken words and body language isn’t difficult enough, we now have the capabilities to analyze each word of a text or IM. Isn’t technology great?

Sure text messages are great for “I’m running late, be there in 5 min” or “Where are you?” but when it comes to the first couple of exchanges that come with “this could be a good thing” feelings, I am starting to think we should keep our phones in our pockets.

After all, what happened to passing a note two seats down with a simple question and two boxes to choose from? “Do you like me? [ ] Yes [ ] No


  1. In the amount of time it takes to type out a text message (including the seven times you accidentally thumbed past the ?), you can call the person, have a conversation, set a plan and (most importantly)make a good impression.

    The day Morse Code makes a comeback is the day I officially quit interacting with the rest of the "human" race.

    PS: If you want to really wow her - respond to the text with a call. Brilliant, I know. You can thank me later for this wise piece of advice.

  2. Those notes were the best ever!! =)

  3. I am dying to know how the evening went.... Post soon...