Tuesday, May 30, 2006

This Spot Taken?

The better part of my day off was spent in Central Park, the Grand Lawn to be exact, reading watching and even talking…I only mention the talking because I went to the park by myself. With my roommates out of town all weekend long and me going a lil stir crazy staying in to enjoy the solitude I ventured north 35 blocks to enjoy the last few hours of sunlight this Memorial Day weekend.

I grabbed a beach towel, my book, iPod, sunglasses, and bottle of water from the corner deli to complete my kit for the day. I figured the lawn would be littered with people just as myself who were not fortunate enough to be hob-knobbing in the Hamptons or keg standing on the Jersey Shore.

My assumption was correct as there were groups of people as far as the eye could see. Small groups, large groups, and parties of one were everywhere. I found a nice spot away from the throwing zone where every possible recreational object was being whizzed through the air as getting a Frisbee to the temple seemed like a terrible way to end my holiday weekend.

As I tried to concentrate on my book “A Long Way Down” my eyes seemed (and hey were) preoccupied by this beautiful girl sitting at two o’clock. I noticed her before I sat down and looking back she may have been the exact reason I chose that particular piece of real estate. I tried reading on my back, my side, and finally my stomach, all proved to be completely unless and unsuccessful.

She was by herself too which was the first mere glimmer of attractiveness as the afternoon went on…The type of independence, that “I am completely comfortable going to lunch, dinner, or the movies by myself” is just down right sexy. As if she need that head start, she was absolutely beautiful. She was tiny as she struggled to cover much space on her white sheet. She too had brought the essentials for an afternoon in the park. However, she one-upped me as she brought a basket full of goodies.

Her dark hair was pulled back with single strands coming down both sides of her face, both equally as sexy as they were probably blind spots as well. Her small frame was tan and toned with that, “yes I work out, but I’m not a gym rat” as she had a lil tummy that added to the character of a character I hadn’t even met yet.

I say yet because as I tried to make eye contact through my shades through to hers, there was something. There was a smile on her part followed (probably too quickly and too gooberish) by one of my own. We were close enough to talk with out getting up or shouting from towel to sheet…So I did…

“Hey there, how are you?” I know it’s no “here’s looking at you kid” but it’s all that came out. “I’m great how are you?” she said so cheerfully sincere. Now I may be jaded to small talk with women because it’s usually after a few and over a few loudly played songs. But this was different, this was easy.

We continued with the basics, what we had done that day, the previous few days off, and what part of the city we call home. Her name was April and she soon invited me to her neck of the woods or park in this case, so I quickly (probably too quickly once again) hopped up and sat opposite of her on her white sheet. She kept smiling, over and over again, and it was perfect time, like I had never seen it before…

Will finish soon, I promise!

Thanks for listening


  1. She has to be from the midwest...too friendly otherwise...

  2. Oh, how romantic. Springtime in the city, boy sees smiling girl, small talk ensues and...oh, please finish the post!

  3. I agree with Swandad. Hello? The name alone gives her away. Midwest and new to NYC. Which means you have the rare and perfect opportunity to corrupt her! This is going to be good....

  4. Alright, comments start again tomorrow - I'm back from my midwestern sepatical. Get ready.