Thursday, March 4, 2010

Holy Shit, I'm going to Africa!

All right, so it's a mission trip of sorts, so maybe I should have omitted the "Shit," but shit, I'm going to Africa!!! (Damn, I did it again.)

I have known about this trip for roughly 4-5 months now, and it's not until July, but today I had to fill out my application online. Application, you ask? Is Africa currently taking applications? Well, in a sense, yes...I am going on Christian-oriented mission trip in which my childhood and current best friend Ashlie is leading.

She was my first girlfriend in 8th grade and is obviously still very close to my heart. Hell, I was in her wedding, although on the groom's side -- I look like shit in a strapless dress. (Damn, I did it again).

She has been married for over three years now and unable to conceive. Sad, yes, but not for her, and not for the hundreds if not thousands of lives she is or has already affected because of her choice to adopt! She's one of those amazing people who seems to excel at everything. You know the type! Damn, overachievers!

When filling out the application, I hit a moral speed bump of sorts. In order to be approved for the trip, two letters of reference are needed - no problem, I have a ton of reference sources, right? Wrong! I need two letters from a pastor, church leader, bible study leader, etc. I just counted over 385 contacts in my phone and not a single listing under God.

Yellow Pages anyone? Google, maybe?

Keep reading to find out if my heathen butt gets to Africa!


  1. oh kevin! I love that you are 100% transparent! What you see is what you get!!! I can't wait to see where this journey takes you!!!!

  2. As long as you like what you see, I'm ok with that too! Love you!