Monday, April 24, 2006

Dont' Call It A Comeback!

For some reason, I’ve found the writing is a lot like going to the gym. Well, sort of…Once you get in a routine, getting your butt to the gym every day or every other day, it’s easy. It’s easy because it you just do it. But on the flip side, skip a day and it’s a lot easier to skip the next day, and so on and so on…

And just like that, “I can do anything” good feeling I get after a great work out, I get that same type of rush after writing a post I’m proud of…but as you can tell I have lost that loving feeling of late. Well not anymore, I’m back baby!

I wish I would have had a more eventful weekend to write about, but with weather that looked a scene out of A Perfect Storm, it was pretty damn low key. After a work week that consisting of all things, a “Department Re-Organization” a weekend of quality couch time was well needed and desired.

I guest bartended on Friday night at my local watering hole, Third and Long. The happy hour crowd came a little later than expected and left a little earlier than desired. That being said it wasn’t a very busy evening. In what was the first day of a wet weekend, I’m using that for the reason behind a weak showing from my friends.

Saturday was much like Friday night, very slow and very wet. I don’t think there are any two qualities that make for a better nap so that’s just what I did. I did however muster up enough energy to get my butt back to the gym. I’d be lying if I didn’t say my sudden motivation comes from the fact that I’m headed back to Arizona, the land of the beautiful and always in shape, in just a few weeks.

I have a Focus Group this evening that is centered around Shaving, so I’m plan on having plenty of material for tomorrow’s post.

Thanks for listening

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  1. First of all, I heart "re-org meetings!" Anybody get fired?!? There are very few other places where you can actually taste the panic in a room - what joyus occassion.

    Next, a focus group on shaving? Seriously, what is there to discuss? "Oh, so you start on the right side, huh? Now would that be your right side or really your left side b/c it looks like you're right in the mirror?"

    Finally, another trip to candy land, eh? I'm looking forward to the sorid details! Be sure to say hello to our mutual friend out there for me and stay away from his Jager shots - if you can.