Friday, April 7, 2006

Out On A School Night

Last night’s festivities were at a lovely place located in the heart of the Flatiron District. This fine establishment’s name was Porky’s. Yep, that’s right, Porky’s! The reason behind the drinks, as if there needs to be one, was a going away party for someone I just recently had the chance to meet. I was with a large group of people from work, who I just started interacting with. Funny enough they're the “Interactive” department of my agency…

The crowd was full of agency people and sales people alike. These functions lend themselves to be like business card highways…Zipping from one hand to the next. After speaking with a few different salespeople (That’s PC because there are just a many woman making a living hittin’ the pavement as men in this industry) I was introduced to a beautiful young woman. She looked to be in her mid twenty’s. She was about my height, maybe a bit taller, which by no means makes her a giant, trust me…She had straight, light brown hair cut to just below her jaw line. She carried herself very well, joking, smiling, and able to a bounce from shop-talk to normal talk.

We started our conversation as a group of people all conversing. But as we continued to chat, we became the only two on the dance floor (figuratively speaking of course). There was some physical contact, some touching of the hands and arms has stories passed between the two of us.

As if she being beautiful and having just the type of look I love wasn't enough, she was English too. That accent will gets me every time. We chatted about differences from her spot across the pond and her new residence here in the states. In my head, “this is great, she’s great, Gitty-Up!"

As we bounced form one subject to the next, she said it…I hated to hear it, I tried to block it out entirely. I tried to just skip over the millisecond in time. With that accent that I love so much she said, “Yes my boyfriend…” Now, I don’t know what came after that only because the word boyfriend was not prefaced by “ex.” It could have been “my boyfriend was hit by a train” or it could have been “my boyfriend just cured cancer,” I don’t know…What I do know is this always seems to happen to me. It’s like seeing a great jacket, trying it on, it looks great, you’ve turned to the left, you’ve turn to the right, and then all of the sudden it has a boyfriend…

Once I tuned back into what exactly she was saying about this lucky lad, she went on to mention that he was actually getting ready to cross the pond in this direction as well. “Isn’t that lovely,” I thought to myself. “Oh so lovely for this bloke!”

We continued to talk for a bit longer but things wound down and so did our drinks so we departed off into different directions. As the night went on, we exchanged a couple of glances across the room but that was about it. Before I left, I was sure to go back to say good bye, plant a kiss on the cheek while holding her wrist, “have a great weekend, hope to see you soon.” And with that I was off for the evening…well to another bar that is…

The question I ask you my readers is this: Should I have continued to talk, flirt, and show interest. Or did I play it correctly by staying in sight, a safe distance away. I respect relationships, and am not the type to actively pursue something that is off the market. (wow, that sounded really sexist, but you get what I’m trying to say) Let me know what you think…

Thanks for listening


  1. I've been on the other end of that conversation for years (5 and a bit). I have also been guilty of leaving the "boyfriend" bit till the end. I hate to say it, but we leave it till later so we can enjoy good conversation, with a bit of ego-boosting flirting. I know it's not fair and a tease, but you asked and I told. You did the right thing. Hope the talk was good in the end :) Good luck.

  2. JSG, I was in your shoes on Thurs night. Mingling with a fundraiser cocktail crowd. He stepped on my foot, I feigned injury and for the next thirty minutes we chatted it up. Funny, handsome, smart, playful and flirty.

    When I returned to my friends, in unison they asked "Well?" I took a long sip of my lycheetini and only then let them know what I learned 98% of the way through the conversation I'd just departed, "he's getting married in 11 days." My friends were in shock because from where they were sitting, they thought for certain I was being asked out.

    I think people in a committed relationship should be required to wear an identifying item. A dunce cap? A balloon? A glow in the dark circle with a line through it tatooed to the forehead? Something so us single folks can bypass the ol' tease.

    My opinion on it all? Stay clear of those folks once the truth is on the table. They did you wrong by holding back on some information and on the flip, if they're willing to do a significant other wrong, well, that's even worse.

    Fun post! Have a great weekend!

  3. Yeah, good play. I may have not said "bye" at the end (spiteful, I know). It seems you and I are afflicted with the same ability to attract any girl in a relationship. Where are the normal non-glitter/tube top wearing girls? I fear they're all in the midwest.

  4. In talking to perfectly nice (yet attached) people, you may form friendships that prove valuable in the future, even without the promise of something more intimate developing. Form bonds with people you like, and chances are you will find that one of them is looking for someone special, too. It's all about placing yourself in situations that improve your odds of success, and it sounds like you're doing that and acting like a gentleman to boot.