Monday, April 3, 2006


Now, I am by no means a religious man by any stretch of the imagination.  I see very little wrong or right in most religions.  Some may say it’s my age, my upbringing, or even my geographical location…maybe they’re all part of it.  However I have recently had a religious experience to the likeness of nothing I have before seen or felt.  

It’s like two days ago there was noise, clutter, and an ever changing scene in front of my eyes.  A scene I had to witness, although usually by choice…that every scene is now shining in a different light.  Although I know the origin of this metamorphic experience and had heard about it from others, I had now idea how quickly it would change my life.  

How so much can be expressed in just three letters keeps has keep me up the last two nights.  And yet its power is changing the world as we know it.  It’s changes its speed from fast to slow and carries a force that can bring everything to a standstill.  I know people who tried to convert me and I shunned them away, only now to see what they wanted me to see…Three letters, separately mean nothing, but aligned changed the course of my existence.  

I will love, cherish, and always honor this new found glory as a simply profound chapter in my story.  I raise my eyes and hands in the air as I drop to my knees thanks.  I will never be the same and I love the certainly and strength in my voice as I yell its greatness from the tallest tower in this beautiful city.  I love you…MY DVR…

Thanks for listening

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  1. Oh man, nice work. Hilarious. I actually thought you were getting serious on me for a second and I was going to have to put our friendship on probationary status. Alright, I've got to get back to "gunning" in class b/c I've got two weeks left and I just learned immigration law has a 20% participation component. WTF?!? Am I back at Ball State?